3 Layers Angled Pole

Outdoor Furniture – Umbrella – 3 Layer angled pole

3 Layers Angled Pole Umbrella

3 Layers Angled Pole Umbrella

3 Layer Angled Pole – Outdoor Furniture, Patio Furniture

Mounted on an angled pole to provide overhanging shelter to decks, patios and tables, These layered umbrellas feature 3 tiered layers of waterproofed and durable acrylic canvas fabric for a stylish look and added protection from whatever weather comes its way. The tiered design allows for greater ventilation in the umbrella canopy, and the increased airflow can help prevent tipping in windy conditions. Stabilizer bars in the canopy also help increase durability and stability in all kinds of weather conditions. These classic square shaped umbrellas are rotatable in 360°, allowing a single umbrella to provide shade and shelter in any direction.

The angled pole allows this umbrella to overhang sitting areas, lounge furniture, tables and other furniture, while keeping the base and the pole out of the way. With no center pole to worry about, this three-layered umbrella makes a perfect option for overshadowing movable hospitality patio furniture, allowing for a wide variety of furniture configurations. The angled pole itself is designed and crafted from anodized aluminum. This sturdy metal construction will never rust, and will never flake or deteriorate like painted metals. The treated canvas of the canopy is color-fast and UV resistant, for an umbrella that stays beautiful and weatherproof, day after sunny day.

Outdoor Patio Shades for Hotels and pool side shade. Comes in over 200 colors, Sunbrella Fabrics available.

Beat the heat with this layered umbrella. Your guests will appreciate the shade and the decor. Outdoor umbrellas are not just for running from the sun. They’re extremely important to protect patio furniture from the elements and extreme temperatures. The Triple Layer Angled pole umbrella is a great addition to any outdoor patio set as it provides shelter without standing in the middle of conversations. Hotel designers do not need tables that have a slot for the umbrella because this accessory can be anchored of to the side, and bolted to the ground.

Your hospitality patio furniture will be protected by premium acrylic canvas, a material that is water repellent, UV resistant, color-fast (the color won’t fade). The canopy is vented for airflow, and stability bars are featured for strong winds. The Marine-Grade pole is made of anodized aluminum and will not rust or flake.

Specification – 3 Layer angled pole

  • 360° rotation feature

  • Premium acrylic canvas

  • Water repellent

  • UV resistant

  • Color-protect (the color won’t fade)

  • Vented for airflow

  • Marine-Grade pole anodized aluminum and will not rust or flake

  • Two sizes: 10×13 and 10×10

Upgrade to Sunbrella Fabrics

All our Umbrella fabrics can be upgraded to Sunbrella fabrics for higher durability and better material. Sunbrella Brand comes in over 20,000 colors for you to choose from to match any style. If you would like the umbrella in a different color let us know and we’ll help you decide wish design is right for your patio or outdoor spaces. Sunbrella Brand is notoriously popular among the big names in the design industry. Ask us how you can get this furniture in Sunbrella brand texture.



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