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Hanging Residential Umbrella patio furniture

Hanging Residential Umbrella

Hanging Residential- Outdoor Patio Contract Patio Furniture.

The sun is hard to escape in backyards void of trees but even you do have trees, bugs can be an issue. Run from the sun, with this outdoor umbrella made especially for residential outdoor spaces.

Your hospitality patio furniture will be protected by premium acrylic canvas, a material that is water repellent, UV resistant, color-fast (the color won’t fade) Making it perfect to use on outdoor contract furniture jobs. The canopy is vented for airflow, and stability bars are featured for strong winds. The Marine-Grade pole is made of powder coated aluminum and will not rust or flake. The Hanging Residential Umbrella is long lasting. Sunbrella fabrics.

Hang the umbrella on the side of the house and provide shade and shelter to your seating area. The angled pole keeps you from being prisoner to those tables that feature a slot for the umbrella pole. The Hanging Residential Umbrella is “out of the way” and a beautiful addition to all outdoor patio sets. Keep in mind that buyers do not have to hang the umbrella if they don’t want to. The pole is anchored to a big and heavy granit base but can also be bolted to the ground if your patio set is further away from the house. Enjoy your hotel retreat-like umbrella! with this amazing cantilever umbrella.



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