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Round Residential Wood Umbrella patio furniture

Round Residential Wood Umbrella

Round Residential Wood – Contract furniture

It is possible that you are in the market for a patio umbrella but you are not designing a five star hotel outdoor space. The Round Residential Wood umbrella is a great choice for home owners and resort style hotel designers. The wood gives off a very warm vibe and the canopy is exotically structured. Follow the sun with the 360 rotating feature. No matter where the sun is, you can block it!

Your hospitality patio furniture will be protected by premium acrylic canvas, a material that is water repellent, UV resistant, color-fast (the color won’t fade. The canopy is vented for airflow, and stability bars are featured for strong winds. The wooden pole is easy to maintain and will not rust or flake over time. The Round Residential Wood Umbrella is durable and long-lasting. This is a great investment.

Designers will need to purchase tables that feature a slot for the pole to fit into. This is not hard, as table umbrellas have been around for a very long time. Guests will appreciate the classic, almost retro elegance of the Round Residential Wood Umbrella, as well as the, protection from the elements. Take advantage of the timeless familiarity of the Round Residential Wood straight pole umbrella.

Designed especially with homes and gardens in mind, this gorgeous wood frame umbrella is an excellent way to beautify a yard or porch and provide some much needed shade. The classic round shape and elegant wooden construction of this umbrella bring a little touch of natural beauty to your patio furniture, with a durable finish that will keep the wood sturdy and beautiful in all kinds of weather. With its spreading round shape and traditional center pole design, this umbrella is perfectly adapted for use with tables that have a centerpiece housing to accommodate umbrella poles, for a perfect way to shade your table and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without the ill effects of too much direct sunlight.

Paired with a sturdy base, this umbrella can even become a freestanding and movable spot of shade for use on pool decks, in garden sitting areas, near outdoor benches, or anywhere you want to enjoy some shade and shelter outdoors. The canvas canopy is constructed from a specially treated canvas material, designed to withstand rain, sun and wind without losing its color or springing a leak. Perfect for a sunny day or even not so sunny ones, this umbrella helps add a new shady way to enjoy your own backyard.

Round Residential Wood – An accommodating designed Patio poolside feels eclectic with this Setting Furniture. The Patio Designer announces a bit of flare into the Setting area with historic Patio Furniture. This umbrella brings richness to the crevice of the Setting Design with its ancient appearance. The Round Residential Wood is a symmetrical umbrella that characterizes the area of the Setting and brings an invigorating feel to any Patio poolside layout. The umbrella is flavorful designed Setting Furniture that inspires the Setting Design feel preciously. A seasoned Patio Designer introduces Setting Furniture that characterizes the Setting Design and this Round Residential Wood is accelerated royalty in a word.




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