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Having the right accessories outdoor is extremely important, especially if you’re decorating a hotel poolside or beach side area. The outdoor HDPE Shower is weather resistant made with commercial grade Aluminum parts. and HDPE Wicker. It comes in Brown or gray but can be ordered in many other colors upon request to match any style. So be sure you have all you need. Jaavan Patio Furniture accessories include an outdoor shower, a pillow case and a planter all made of HDPE or high density polyethylene. The Pillows do not come included

Description D x W x H SKU
Outdor Shower 33 x 33 x 88 JA-127


Description D x W x H SKU
Cushion Box 24 x 51 x 22 JA-131


Description D x W x H SKU
Planter 26 w/inner box 26 inch JA-128
Planter 34 34 inch JA-129
Planter 43 w/inner box 43 inch JA-130


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When it comes to accessorizing the outside of a home, hotel, restaurant, or business the possibilities are endless. Accessories especially come in handy during those times when designing the pool area of a hotel or beach hotel decorations. The nice thing about outdoor accessories is that everybody has one accessory or another. While plants are commonly seen around homes, restaurants, and other businesses outside showers are common in other public places such as poolside at a hotel.

These are not the only accessories, there are plenty more. However the only ones that are available are as follows.
One specific outdoor accessory that is a must have is an outdoor shower. Many hotels, and homes have it poolside so people can rinse off before and after going into the pool; this helps keep the pool clean. Even beaches have at least a low end makeshift outdoor shower. The one that is available for purchase though measures 24 x 24 x 34 and consists of s non-slip spot to stand under the nozzle that hangs over the standing are. The back piece that attaches the piece with the nozzle on it houses the handles that turn the water on.

All outdoor Furniture comes in brown or Silver but all colors and designs are available upon request. Cushions and pillows can be upgraded to Sunbrella brand for optimal durability and style.

This outdoor shower is made of HDPE wicker and comes in brown or gray, but other colors are available upon request. Another outdoor accessory that should strongly be considered is a cushion trunk. Measuring in at 24 x 51 x 22 this cushion trunk is the storage place where extra cushions can be kept when throwing a pool party or other non-formal social gathering. Finally, planters are another outdoor accessory that keeps the property looking its finest. There are two different planters all measuring differently. The inner box planters each have measurements of 26 and 43 inches while the regular planter measures 34 inches.

Jaavan Outdoor Design contract furniture accessories feature a durable, quality structures that hotel outdoor designers and families alike can enjoy. Whether your needs include a shower to compliment the pool or a cushion box to protect your comfortable seat covers, Jaavan Patio’s accessories will not disappoint! These accessories are also very versatile. They go will with commercial patio furniture but they are also functional in the residential setting. These accessories come in a smorgasbord of colors and will fit wonderfully in any color scheme.

Whether it’s a hotel patio, a restaurant deck, or even our own home and garden, no outdoor area is complete without a few accessories. Choosing the right accents and accessories for your outdoor design is crucial to creating a welcoming and inviting space. To bring true comfort and style to your outdoor area, consider some hospitality patio furniture that goes above and beyond just a table and a few chairs. A high commercial grade storage trunk makes a great storage option accessory for the outdoors, and can be the perfect place to keep blankets and pillows close at hand for cool evenings spent under the stars. The addition of planters to your outdoor sitting area, porch or entryway is an excellent way to incorporate the beauty of nature into your design and provide your guests with a natural splash of color.

For pool decks and patios, an outdoor shower accessory makes a perfect hospitality choice to allow your guests to rinse off right by the pool before or after a refreshing dip. Complete your outdoor design with the perfect accessory choices, and make your guests feel truly welcome.



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