Single Layer Angled Pole

Single Layer Angled Pole

1 Layer Angled Pole Umbrella

Single Layer Angled Pole Contract Furniture Design

The sun is can be a bit much sometimes. Help your guests stay cool under the Single Layer Angled Pole Umbrella. This umbrella offers shade and protection for your patio furniture without requiring a table that has a space for the pole. The single layer angled pole does not provide as much protection from the elements as the three layered umbrella, but if your prefer a more sleek look, you could purchase Cushion Box to protect your seat cushions.

The Umbrella sits at a slant and hangs over the table and chairs. The pole of the umbrella is anchored off to the side and is bolted to the ground. The Single Layer Angled Pole Umbrella is 13×13 and available with or without the flap. The structure is features clean lines for a very simple look. Your guests will appreciate the shade and the casual decor The angled aluminum pole of this single layer umbrella allows it to overhang tables and other patio furniture.

The lack of a central pole makes this patio umbrella ideal for a variety of restaurant and cafeteria applications that include tables and other commercial outdoor furniture. The angled umbrella pole is built from durable and rust proof anodized aluminum that will never corrode or need repainting. In addition to its angled design, this pole is fully rotatable in 360 degrees for a movable spot of shade and shelter to protect your guests from any angle. The aluminum frame includes stabilizer bars within the canopy that help this umbrella stand up to wind and weather conditions of all kinds. The canopy itself features a specially treated acrylic canvas construction that is waterproof, UV resistant, and colorfast. The weatherproof design of the umbrella’s material provide protection from the elements even in adverse conditions.

The square shape of the canopy is ideal for shedding water in case of rain, and the rotatable design will keep out the sunlight even as the sun moves across the sky, for protection and shade in a wide variety of situations. This angled design is perfect for commercial applications from swimming pools to outdoor cafes, and anywhere your guests want to enjoy a little bit of welcome shade.

Your hospitality patio furniture will be protected by premium acrylic canvas, a material that is water repellent, UV resistant, color-fast (the color won\’t fade. The canopy is vented for airflow, and stability bars are featured for strong winds. The Marine-Grade pole is made of anodized aluminum and will not rust or flake. This particular three layered umbrella is very beautiful and gives off a zen-like vibe that will add serenity to any commercial outdoor space. Enjoy the “set it and forget it” ease of the strong and durable Triple Layer Angled Pole Umbrella.



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