Single Layer Straight Pole

Single Layer Straight Pole Umbrella

1 Layer Straight Pole Umbrella

Single Layer Straight Poll Umbrella High Commercial Grade Aluminium Base and Frame

The Single Layer Straight Pole Umbrella is beautiful twist on the classic table umbrella. The pole of this umbrella sits in the middle of the table is easy to open and close. This feature makes moving the table and umbrella easy and virtually stress free. Make use of the 360 rotation feature to block the sun, no matter where it goes.

This patio umbrella features a straight pole with a weighted base, and an overhanging canopy with a single layer of canvas the includes flaps that drape over the edges for added weather protection. The unique straight pole design of this square umbrella allows it to provide shade to commercial outdoor furniture placed beneath it, without a center pole structure to interfere. The straight pole can be easily placed against a wall for improved space efficiency, and the anodized aluminum construction remains rust free and corrosion proof, without any paint to flake or chip. The aluminum structure includes stabilizing bars in the canopy to make this umbrella more durable and weather resistant in rain, sun, snow and all conditions.

With a beautiful angled pole constructed from wood, this overhanging umbrella makes an ideal choice residential patios and gardens. The wooden frame of this umbrella is fully rotatable in 360 degrees to provide shade at any angle, and the angled pole allows stylish tables, lounge chairs and other outdoor designer furniture to be placed directly below the umbrella in a full pool of luxurious shade. The wooden construction provides a classic and natural look that perfectly complements outdoor patio sets in yards, gardens and home porches.

Outdoor Patio Shades for hotels and pool side spaces

With wooden stabilizer bars supporting the rotatable square shaped canopy, this residential umbrella is sturdy enough to provide protection from rain, wind, and even snow. The square canopy can even be tilted and turned to allow the specially treated canvas to shed water more efficiently. The treated acrylic canvas material is waterproof, UV resistant and colorfast to stay durable and beautiful in anything the elements can throw at it. The finished wood frame has no paint to chip or flake, and lends a beautiful and classic look to homes and gardens while providing a cool and sheltered spot in some much needed shade.

The treated canvas fabric that composes the canopy is waterproof and UV resistant, so the color won’t fade, even after days of keeping out the sun and weather. This rotating and adjustable umbrella makes a stylish and protective addition to hotel patios, sidewalk cafes, restaurant porches, and any area that needs some extra portable shade. Your hospitality patio furniture will be protected by premium acrylic canvas, a material that is water repellent, UV resistant, color-fast (the color won’t fade. The canopy is vented for airflow, and stability bars are featured for strong winds. The Marine-Grade pole is made of anodized aluminum and will not rust or flake.

Designers will need to purchase tables that feature a slot for the pole to fit into. This is not hard, as table umbrellas have been around for a very long time. Guests will appreciate the classic, almost retro elegance of the Three Layer Straight Pole Umbrella, as well as the, protection from the elements. Take advantage of the timeless versatility of the straight pole. Enjoy the shade and the upscale look of the three layer straight pole umbrella. Jaavan Outdoor Design’s straight pole umbrella is sure to please.



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