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Nassau Sectional



Collection: Nassau Sectional

Description D x W x H SKU
Right Facing Love Seat 40 x 80 x 29 JA-91
Left Arm Facing 40 x 38 x 29 JA-92
Right Arm Facing 40 x 38 x 29 JA-93
Armless 40 x 28 x 29 JA-94
Lounge Chair 40 x 47 x 29 JA-95
Coffee Table w/glass 28 x 47 x 17 JA-96
Ottoman 30 x 28 x 12 JA-97

The Nassau Sectional is designed in a contemporary fashion, and includes the left, right, and final parts to the main sectional, a single-seat chair, double-seat chair, an end table, and also a coffee table. The Nassau Sectional two-seat is designed as a one-edged couch; the Nassau Sectional couch comes in Brown or gray HDPE featuring four feet. The couch piece to the sectional is designed so that an individual may either lay stretched out comfortably, or two people may also sit together in relaxation. If set up with the Nassau two-seat on one end, the end table may be situated between the two-seat and the three-seat Nassau Sectional couch area. The end table is designed in a flat low-to-the-ground shape, and features a matching glass-square tabletop.

Next, the three-seat Nassau Sectional couch is put together with the left, right, and final pieces of the Nassau Sectional. This sectional is designed as a traditional three-seated couch, but in a contemporary design. The Nassau sectional couch is designed so that it may provide proper back support, will also allowing individuals to lounge in comfort. Also, the sectional couch is manufactured in a brown or gray wicker. Lastly, the Nassau Sectional collection features a one-seat chair, and also the low-cut U-shaped coffee table with glass top.

The U-shaped coffee table has a stable balance due to the two long table feet, with silver bans around the feet edges. The cushioning bed of this patio furniture Miami collection features a soft foam insert, which are dressed in the cushion seating and, back covers. The cushions can be upgraded to Sunbrella for higher quality upon request. Ask about Sunbrella fabrics.

Nassau Sectional attention to detail has been spared in the articulate design and delivery of this beautiful contemporary piece. The space that dares to be different as well as daring is accommodated by this striking piece. It makes a splashing appearance at any all event and helps to set the scene for pure glamor.

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Capri Sectional



Collection: Capri Sectional

Description D x W x H SKU
Corner x 3 33 x 33 x 28 JA30C
Armless x 2 33 x 28 x 28 JA30A
Lounge Chair x 1 34 x 34 x 28 JA30L
Coffee Table w/glass x1 28 x 28 x 12 JA30CT

Capri Sectional – HDPE Furniture commercial grade.

 The Capri Sectionals are suited to the feel of warm weather, and fun in the Florida sun ideally designed for pool-side furniture, the Capri Sectionals also look great wherever else they are assembled as well. This sectional is comprised of the Capri middle, Capri side piece, Capri Single piece, and the Capri corner piece. Lastly, the Capri Coffee Table completes the Capri Sectional. This unit sectional is manufactured from a traditional dark-brown wicker design, and features white-creme cushions.

 The Capri Sectional also features a Capri Coffee table which is designed in a low-height dark brown or gray square shaped. When put together, the Capri Sectional resembles an L-shaped sectional arrangement, with three-seats on the long edge, and one seat on the base end of the sectional arrangement. The one-seater dark brown chair may be situated on the opposing side of the one-seater area of the sectional to create a visually appealing sectional arrangement.

 In terms of the Capri Sectional coffee table, the piece is designed in a rectangular fashion with a matching glass table top, and four brown square-studded legs. Depending on how the Capri Sectional is situated, the couch piece may be configured to be shorter, if one the Capri Middle piece is taken out if the piece is taken out, however, it may also be used as a one-seater chair, but without arm rests. The Capri Sectional wouldn’t be complete without the three included orange-burst throw pillows, which look visually appealing on either the couch, or the one-seater chair.


Color creates character, charm and a world of endless possibilities as it comes as a standard splash to this warming design. This piece allows you to set an image of beach-side vacation like never before. Bring the world of Florida beaches to any Setting Design with the Capri Sectional. There are mountains of possibilities with this piece of pleasantry. It’s designed with quality lines of symmetry and domestic precision. Transform any patio or poolside into the perfect event gala and guests will be blown away with a destination transformation. This unique design allows you to put the sunny skies of Florida in the middle of Missouri or any other location as well. Create a desirable destination with the Capri creation.

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Ibiza Sectional



Collection: Ibiza Sectional

Description D x W x H SKU
Right Arm Facing 32 x 32 x 26 JA-98
Left Arm Facing 32 x 32 x 26 JA-99
Corner 32 x 32 x 26 JA-100
Armless 32 x 26 x 26 JA-101
Coffee Table 20 x 40 x 18 JA-102

Ibiza Sectional

 The Ibiza Sectional collection is designed similar in nature to the Rio Sectional collection, the Ibiza Sectional collection also includes an additional final piece, which can be used for another seating-area. The Ibiza Sectional collection is comprised of two end pieces, two center pieces, a corner piece, and a coffee table. Like other sectionals in the Jaavan collection, the Ibiza Sectional is manufactured from a darker wicker that is prone to weathering damages, and will last for a long time to come. The corner piece, and one of the corner end pieces, when set-up create a sectional configuration in which resembles an L-shape. The base of the sectional, when set-up is enough room for one person to stretch out, or for two people to sit comfortably as well.

 The remainder of the sectional length is enough to seat up to three, or even four more people in a relaxing environment. The design of the Ibiza sectional creates deep back edges, which give back support, while at the same time providing a comfortable place for reclining down into. The Ibiza Sectional collection coffee table is designed in a rectangular fashion which enables the table to be used easily for setting dinner plates, drinks, or decorations nicely. The table offers a visually appealing look with a glass tabletop design, and silver table legs.

 The Ibiza Sectional final part has measurements of 32 inches by 32 inches, by 26 inches; the same measurements also apply to the corner part of the Ibiza Sectional collection as well. Meanwhile, the center part has measurements of 26 inches by 32 inches, by 26 inches, and the coffee table measures in at 40 inches by 40 inches, by 12 inches. The Gray or brown wicker of this particular sectional meshes nicely with the white-creme colored couch cushions. The cushions can be upgraded to Sunbrella brand fabrics for superior designs and durability. Other colors and styles are available upon demand.

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Fidji Sectional



Collection: Fidji Sectional

Description D x W x H SKU
Left Arm Facing 35 x 45 x 27 JA-103
Right Arm Facing 35 x 45 x 27 JA-104
Armless 35 x 29 x 27 JA-105
Corner 35 x 35 x 27 JA-106
Lounge chair 33 x 36 x 25 JA-107
Ottoman 30 x 30 x 12 JA-108

Fidji Sectional – Patio Furniture Miami, outdoor furniture Miami

 The Fidji Sectional is designed to be situated in either a pool, or a beach environment. Manufactured in a Gray or Brown wicker style, the Fidji Sectional creates an island atmospheric feel. This unit is comprised of center pieces, corner pieces, right and left arm pieces, and an ottoman. A unique feature of the Fidji Sectional features shelf-ends that are integrated into each of the ends of this sectional.

 The Fidji Sectional can be ordered in any wicker and cushion color and design to fit any style – You may also upgrade the cushions to Sunbrella Brand to increase its durability and value. Sunbrella Textures and fine and durable, with bright colors and designs. They are Stain proof and easy to clean, They are weather resistant even in high seas. Powerful and durable material that is also stylish. Over 20,000 possible colors and pattern combinations to fit any design.

 The design of the Fidji Sectional is quite unique in that each of the ends are designed in a stair-step design, with the bottom ledge being a shelf for drinks, or even decorations. This sectional, when set-up, creates a 90-degree angle sectional in which can seat up to five, or even six people with plenty of room. Furthermore, the ottoman provides the option for people to set their feet up in comfort; more specifically, the ottoman is designed in a square fashion, and has a plush cushion for resting feet in comfort. As far as the design of the Fidji Sectional is concerned, an elegantly-crafted brown wicker with hues of island colors helps to manifest an island-like environment. In addition, the comfortable seat cushions are dressed in a velvet-black which completes the look of the Fidji Sectional.

 Full of fabulosity and fun is what the Fidji Sectional is crafted to deliver. There is never a dull moment with the awesome extras that this Condominium Furniture offers. There is a dramatic delivery of added space as this piece is functionally larger than the others you’ll see here. It’s designed to allow comfort and convenience while you lounge. Enjoy drinks and store them in the shelf ends while laughing at the jokes and stories being told at beach side. The Fidji is crafted with High Density Polyethylene giving it more contemporary look without sacrificing durability and resistance. Created for comfort and designed for convenience with every occasion in mind is what the Fidji is all about.

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Round Sectional



Collection: Round Sectional

Description D x W x H SKU
Right Arm Facing 35 x 55 x 25 JA-109R
Left Arm Facing 35 x 55 x 25 JA-109L
Armless 35 x 50 x 25 JA-109A
Coffee Table 40 Round x 16 JA-109C

The Round Sectional can either be used near a pool, or outside on the patio. This sectional includes the center piece, left arm piece, right arm piece, and a round table that fits the sectional nicely. The Round Sectional is manufactured from a weather-resistant brown or black wicker, which includes white-creme or beige cushions. This particular sectional is able to accommodate up to eight people in a comfortable and relaxing environment, while the round table provides enough room for drinks, decorations, or can also be used to place dining dishes upon. In addition, the legs of the Round Sectional are silver square legs which provide the utmost stability.

 The left and right arm pieces to the Round Sectional measure in at 35 inches by 55 inches, by 25 inches. The center part of the Round Sectional measures in at 35 inches by 50 inches, by 25 inches, and the round table measures in at 40 inches by 16 inches. Lastly, the Round Sectional provides stable support, yet also allows people to relax when dining, or simply enjoying their time.

 This patio or pool side designed furniture is a wonderful choice for round table discussions in an environment that takes the pressure off.

It is a very elegantly designed piece and offers a clean escape from the stuffy board or conference room. The Round Sectional allows you to
bring it all to the table and pass ideas or around. It is comfortable and salty in design. A bit of wicker with implemented cushioned pillows for comfortable seating. This is a great addition to any Patio Furniture setting.

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Pure Sectional



Collection: Pure Sectional


Description D x W x H SKU
Right Arm Facing 30 x 30 x 24 JA-144
Left Arm Facing 30 x 30 x 24 JA-145
Corner 30 x 30 x 24 JA-146
Armless 30 x 25 x 24 JA-147
Coffee Table Large 25 x 43 x 14 JA-148
Coffee Table Small 25 x 30 x 14 JA-149
Love Seat 30 x 60 x 24 JA-150
Lounge Chair 30 x 33 x 24 JA-151

Pure Sectionals Outdoor Patio Furniture

 The Pure Sectionals are rather unique in that they are adaptive to many different environments, which can either be out on the patio, a backyard, or even used inside a restaurant. The Pure Sectional includes various pieces such as the left corner piece, right corner piece, center piece, corner piece, a single-seat chair, a sofa, and a small, and large coffee table. While the sectionals may differ in size, and possible even the design nature of the pieces, this particular sectional is what sets it apart from the rest.

 The sectional pieces of this unit, when assembled, create enough room to seat up to three or four people per sectional couch. The Pure Sectional couches are designed to be open at each end, with one of the ends without an edge, for those who wish to stretch out. As far as the end tables are concerned, they are low to the ground, square in design, and are able to hold drinks, diner plates, flower vases, or other decorations. In terms of the coffee table, the piece is low to the ground, and provides plenty of room for whatever people may wish to set upon it. Additionally, there is also another small coffee table which is slightly higher off the ground, and gives easy access to drinks, books, or other items that may be upon it. In addition, the comfortable foam cushions are outfitted with different sunbrella fabric covers to fit any styles , as are the included back throw pillows, and standard

throw pillows that can also be Sunbrella fabrics.

 The Pure Sectional offers inspiration to any environment and is full of eclectic energy. There is the ability to accommodate a large group with style, class and comfort. This piece can be easily transformed from poolside to restaurant lounge area and provides superior seating capabilities. It looks great when set to accommodate various scenes. The ability to add fresh flowers, marble vases and other special elements to the table areas make it quite the entertainment center.

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Fidji Sofa Set



Collection: Fidji

Description D x W x H SKU
Sofa 33 x 88 x 25 JA-51
Love Seat 33 x 62 x 25 JA-52
Lounge Chair 33 x 36 x 25 JA-53
Coffee Table 28 x 47 x 17 JA-54

Fidji Sofa Sets – HDPE FURNITURE in brown or gray, but more colors available upon request to match any design style.

 The Fidji Sofa sets vary in design, depending on the style chosen. However, the Fidji Set is comprised of a two seat couch, two single-seat chairs, and a coffee table. The Fidji Double is a larger couch with enough room to seat one, or even two people per seat. Meanwhile, the Fidji Single is a one-seat chair which is able to seat one person with enough room to sit in comfort.

 Meanwhile, back to the Fidji Set, all pieces are designed in a deep-brown or gray HDPE wicker fashion which compliments many different environments. The couch unit is designed as a two seat, and is set back for people to recline comfortably. In addition, the two one seat chairs are also designed set back, with a comfortable seating area. In terms of the coffee table, the piece is also designed in a deep-brown wicker, rectangular design that allows people to set their items on. The upholstery of the cushions are designed in a creme-beige color that matches the deep-brown wicker style of the couch, chairs, and coffee table. The Fidji Set also includes sunbrella fabrics brown throw pillows that can either be put on the couch, or the chairs.

 The Fidji Double is a double-length couch, which enables up to two people to sit spaciously, with plenty of comfort. Also designed in wicker, the Fidji Double cushions are fitted with beige-creme cushions, and go nicely with the deep brown throw pillows which are included with the Fidji Sofa sets. Lastly, the Fidji Single chair has the same design features as the Fidji Double, and also the Fidji Set couch; this piece may be situated across from the Fidji Double couch to create an inviting atmosphere.

 Full of fabulosity and fun is what the Fidji Sofa Set brings to the party. There is never a dull moment with the awesome extras that this sofa offers. There is a dramatic delivery of added space as this piece is functionally larger with double seating areas. It’s designed to allow comfort and convenience while you lounge.

Fidji Sofa Sets – commercial patio furniture Jaavan Outdoor Design

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