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Are you trying to decide what you want your table tops to say about your establishment? Jaavan Outdoor Design’s table tops come in many different colors and sizes. We are sure that you can find a table top that suits your style and taste. All table tops can be customized to your specifications. Our table tops come at a discount rate when you buy in bulk. These table tops are perfect for restaurants, bars and hotels. Our table tops are great for indoors as well as outdoors. Enjoy our wide selection of wood finishes, colors, and styles. Invite your guests to dine on table tops inspired by the theme of the business or that emotes a desirable feeling.

Table Bases – Commercial Grade

With an iconic iron cast commercial grade look in sophisticated restaurant and bar furniture and a variety of options to choose from, cast iron table bases make a sturdy and classic choice as a finishing touch of your custom order table. These rust proof and decorative table bases come in both dining height and bar height to suit of variety of situations and styles. Cast iron table bases make an excellent option in situations in which the table base will be visible to guests, as the ornately decorated cast iron creates a beautiful visual effect that lends a subtle splendor to your custom tables.

This durable and stylish table base also allows you to choose between a three pronged or four pronged design, so you can get the perfect desired look for the bar and patio furniture in your establishment. You can even mix and match heights and styles to achieve the desired look in different areas of your establishment for various table sizes and purposes. These elegant cast iron bases are naturally corrosion resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor furniture choices. Custom tables built with intricately designed cast iron bases give your establishment a vintage traditional style and elegance that your guests will appreciate.

Choosing the right table top to go with the base

The table tops are beautiful and durable. They are built with care and made to last. Dazzle your guests with a custom decoration that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. In a busy establishment, this is especially important. People buy with their eyes so decor is a major step. According to the chroma-therapy theory, there are colors that evoke certain feelings. Choosing table tops for a restaurant? Customize your table top to give your customers a big appetite!

An ancient designed Patio poolside looks like home with this Setting Furniture. Your Patio Designer employs a style of function into the Setting area with flavorful Patio Furniture. This base adds lift to the look of the Setting Design with its raised character. The Table Base Iron Cast is a lavish base that seals the area of the Setting and implies a flawless like feel to any Patio poolside area. This base is functionally designed Setting Furniture that encourages the Setting Design to feel familiar. The working Patio Designer will target Setting Furniture that lifts the Setting Design and this Table Base Iron Cast inspires the lift.


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